Unique Spa La Mer Experience

Summer often rhymes with holidays, relaxation and good times but it can also be a lot of stress when you don’t really take any holidays during these two blessed months of summer. When your mind is set on workaholic mode, what other options do you have to let yourself have some “me time”?

Unique Spa La Mer Experience by The Classy Time

For those of you who are in this situation, I wanted to incorporate some escapism without the hassle of booking a weekend away.  I tried an amazing alternative: A Spa Day at one of the best and renowned spas in the world. The President Wilson Hotel possesses the first and unique Spa La Mer in Switzerland and I was lucky enough to spend most of my day getting pampered by amazing professionals. Here are some of the thoughts I have about this Luxury Spa break in Geneva.

“… without the hassle of booking a weekend away.”

Exclusive Spa Suite: Jacuzzi, Hammam, Sauna…

The first part of the day began with some time in the privative spa. I particularly enjoyed the jacuzzi with a delicious strawberry cocktail. This was truly perfect to relax and try to get accustomed to the fact I could actually RELAX! Of course, I had to take lots of shots with the help of my friend Wallace (@oyomori) and keep notes of everything but mainly I tried to make the most out of this experience and enjoy every moment of it.

La Mer Signature Treatments

The best part of it all was probably the Signature Treatments starting with 50 min of Relaxing massage. It really helped me eliminate muscle tension and stress, and trust me there was some serious knots there! The masseuse even recommended I get in touch with an osteopath because of all the tensions she felt. I know I should see one but I just don’t have time right now… Anyway, this was a great experience and I wish I could do some more often! 

Unique Spa La Mer Experience by The Classy Time

After this hour of deep relaxation, I was ready for an instant beauty enhancement trying and discovering the Make Up range of La Mer.

Unique Spa La Mer Experience by The Classy Time
This is goals… I always find it inspiring to organize my own products!

Glowing after my Facial Massage and perfect ‘Mise en Beauté’, my curly hair now needed to get properly taken care of and I couldn’t dream of a better salon than the Hotel’s very own Hair Salon!

Some of the amazing La Mer products we used, two words:

Simple & Efficient.

Hotel President Wilson Hairdressing Salon

Unique Spa La Mer Experience by The Classy Time

Last but not least, also one of my favorite part because the hair stylist (ask for Némania) was so cool and fun and talented, was the HairDressing Salon of the President Wilson Hotel. The hairdressing salon is accessible to both the clients of the Hotel and outside guests!

I would probably conclude by saying this is the perfect place to unwind. I left with a glowing skin, a perfect haircut and in a state of real mindfulness.

Unique Spa La Mer Experience by The Classy Time

That’s it for today! See you next week! ♡



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