The Royal Lancaster ★★★★★ | London

Few days ago, I was lucky enough to sojourn at The Royal Lancaster with my dear sister for an unforgettable stay in the beautiful city of London.

I’ve only went twice to London, one when I was 14 in Secondary School for a week abroad and another last year in March for a press trip but it wasn’t really in the center. My fading memories of the city always hold a special place in my heart and I couldn’t wait to go back and visit it again! My little sister never had this chance, so in January we decided to book our flights and I wanted her to have the best experience ever.

To do just that, the important part of finding the right hotel was overriding. I spend countless sleepless nights searching for the perfect place to stay and things to do once in London. I was overwhelmed with joy when the Royal Lancaster agreed to have us. Here are some reasons why…

“We care to provide an exceptional hospitality experience at every touch point…”

First of all, the staff were incredibly friendly, they greeted us with smiles each day and assisted us with anything we needed throughout our stay. For example, one morning we wanted to grab a cab to go to Nothing Hill (located just 15 minutes away from the hotel) and the official driver offered to drive us there instead. That is exactly the kind of gesture you don’t forget and make you want to always go back to the same hotel…

While patiently waiting in the area next to the Lounge where we had a nice cup of champaign… Warmest classiest welcome ever!

Then to the room, an Executive Double Room with a King sized bed was just what I needed to finally get some rest! I loved the fact that everything was humbly elegant, white and spacious. Furthermore, the biggest plus of this hotel is definitely the panoramic view, even though we didn’t had the view on Hyde Park I loved that we could endlessly enjoy the view on the city (especially at night).

Some of you following me on Pinterest know my love for bathrooms… Well, if this isn’t bathroom goals then I don’t know what is! Marble everywhere, a shower and a bathtub, the most spaceful and classy bathroom I’ve ever been to so far.

They also had this amazing device “Handy” yes it’s a phone but when you’re a new country, not getting lost in a country without 4G/Wifi or making phone calls to family can quickly reveal quite expensive… I loved that they had one in each room. It sure levels up the customer service to a whole different level!

Another attention I adored, was that when we got back from our diner, our room was ready for sleep time and we were welcomed with Classic FM. My sister and I, having been ballerinas, we always loved classical music. I often listen to classic musical background when I’m home so that’s why I was pleasantly surprised.

I am not a breakfast kinda person but I know excellent food when I taste some, and I exceptionally ate a lot this morning! The English breakfast was gargantuan, and delicious! We had a variety of plates and specialties, a perfect dream for my sister who’s always eating for the two of us!


Lastly, I can only say every moment was truly PERFECT and I choose my words carefully. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect hotel to experience London for the first time. I couldn’t recommend the Royal Lancaster enough, so if you want to plan a last minute escape for Valentine’s Day or any other reason I suggest you book you stay at the Royal Lancaster for an unforgettable experience. The location of the hotel is ideal for anyone wanting to be close to the center but also to the best and most beautiful areas of the city such as Nothing Hill.

Book your stay with The Royal Lancaster, London here.

You can also watch the videos I did while in London on Youtube PART I & PART II!

Thank you for having us!

Sincerely yours,




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