The Holistic Beauty by Matière Brute

The Holistic Beauty by Matière Brute

A Concept of Seasonal Beauty, nourishing the skin and protecting the environment conceived and created by Annabelle Szwed.

« The face is the first part of the body that is exposed to those around us, it is the mirror of our inner health » – Annabelle Szwed

The Concept

What are the best ways to nourish your skin? Well, some of us will say « stay hydrated », other will promote creams and oils. Yet, Matière Brute will quite simply say to nourish it as you nourish your body « From the inside ».

Annabelle Swzed, founder of this innovative brand, decided to put forward a step front on another concept. Indeed, it is dedicated to nature, environment and interior balance, bringing the best ingredients to the products : raw, organic, fresh and last but not least, seasonal. Additionally, it is an environmentally engaged brand, upholding short circuits and limited production of a holistic beauty.

According to holistic medicine, holistic methods are based on the concept of taking care of oneself as a « whole of the human being ». It includes physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally cares. Take time, respect your body and follow Earth’s rhythm are part of the process.

Two little bottles of Matière Brute's products are place at the first plan. The bottles are embellished thanks to a jar full of plants. At the second plan, a person is holding a kitchen tools: it is the picture from the Parisian Atelier where all the beauty products are conceived.
Courtesy of Matière Brute

The Know-How of Matière Brute

As a matter of concern, Matière Brute invites you to take care of your skin by nourishing it from the outside.
Moreover, the ingredients are 100% organic without preservatives and chemicals aggressing our skins. They contain actives enriched in vitamins, trace elements and essential fats acids. The plants are also sourced from organic farming and French Production. Matière Brute has developed a whole category about its origins. See more here.

A totally positive and sharing mindset that The Classy Time is absolutely fond of and proud to highlight!

Quality is all

The quality of Annabelle’s innovative brand is also seen in the whole processus of conception. Thus, from the extraction of the essences to its preparing in the Parisian Atelier and the unique packaging, every single path is thoroughly assembled to provide qualitative products over quantity. As Matière Brute is following the seasons, each beauty treatment is stable and last beyond a period of 3 months from its opening.

Matière Brute is an environmental supportive brand. Along this line, all the ingredients and secondary elements are carefully described on the site. Furthermore, beauty advices and features can easily be found on the brand’s blog. Matière Brute’s customers can also choose an annual subscription and receive all the seasonal beauty products: a detox cream and cleanser, a revitalizing oil and an exfoliant.

In the circumstances that our World is facing, isn’t it the moment to take care of our skins but also of our precious Nature?

Interview with Annabelle, Founder of Matière Brute

Annabelle Szwed, Founder of Matière Brute

Who are you & what is your background ?

I spent my childhood in the countryside, the first source of my inspiration. Parisian for more than 10 years, I have 2 children and a husband entrepreneur. After working a few years in a corporate social responsibility field, I felt the need to reconnect with something very concrete and to obtain a degree in agriculture. Today, this know-how is very useful to me, using it every day as “raw material” plants from our precious terroir.

How did this idea pop-up?

In 2014, my companion created a store of fresh, organic, seasonal products directly from the producers. So I’m lucky to taste good seasonal ingredients every day that have flavor and make me feel good « in my skin ». It then occurred to me to take a concrete look at what I put on it, especially since I was pregnant. How best to feed it? The answer was obvious: by taking inspiration from my diet. I imagined a fresh fruit juice bursting with vitamins with seasonal “super-ingredients”, adapted to the skin’s needs over time.

How did you achieved the realization of this idea?

I embarked on a tour of France in search of French producers and great encounters. I have drawn up very demanding specifications in terms of the selection of natural, organic and skin-friendly raw materials. At the same time, I observed that more and more of us were looking for meaning, to wish the best for us and our environment, to be sensitive to French manufacturing and short circuits. So I decided to surround myself with a team of experts to create a laboratory and develop a new generation of innovative treatments. After 3 years of research and development, I wish to bring a new look to the world of cosmetics by proposing a holistic approach to beauty. Matière Brute is born with the sole purpose of nourishing the skin of women, men and children naturally and sustainably.

Who are the primers of cosmetics?

Chemical engineers “alchemists” fascinated by the material and a talented agricultural engineer passionate about plants joined Matière Brute. Graduates from the largest French Schools, they have previously worked in research and development, quality and regulation in the cosmetic industry. They are now putting their know-how at the service of this great adventure.

Matière Brute also partners with farmers who cultivate our lands with nobility, committed health professionals, and many inspiring people who wish us well.

Thank you for reading – Angelina M.


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