Our 5 Best Italian Restaurants In Paris

Our 5 Best Italian Restaurants In Paris

The Classy Time is coming back in Paris with 5 amazing Parisian addresses where the Italian flag is raised high! Make the way for some gourmandise and great culinary imagination, with some atmosfera al’italiana.


7 avenue Rachel, 75018
The Napolitan sister. Caterina is the last gem from Iovine’s Pizzeria. The family Iovine is adding a precious value to its already well-established institution. Situated in the groovy Parisian district between Montmartre and Bagatelles, Caterina is a reminder of the authentic Napolitan cuisine the Chef wants us to reminder!
From 13€-24€ per person.


16 rue du Dragon, 75006
From 13€-19€ per person.


75 rue Turbigo, 75003
After the pizzeria La Massera, Norma is the new pasta in the 3rd district of Paris. The workshop in the center of the restaurant is offering a gourmet glimpse to the making of different varieties of pastas – in particular the “norma”, a mixture of ancient Sicilian hard wheat flour. A successful and tasty Sicilian evening for lovers, family and friends!
From 16€-24€ per person.


9 rue Auguste Laurent, 75011
From 14€-24€ per person.


44 rue du Paradis, 75010
Who has never dreamt of having a romantic dinner in an erotic yet classy frame? The Italian seduction and romanticism is not only offer to your eyes, but also to your taste! Big Mamma Group has again won the bet and serves you only the greatest of Italy, accompanied with some divine cocktails and a carte des vins on point of the fanciness! Better tested when two 😉
From 16€-25€ per person.

Buon Appetito!

Angelina M.


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