TAPE À L’OEIL, the New Eye Colour Collection by Christian LOUBOUTIN

TAPE À L'OEIL, the New Eye Colour Collection by Christian LOUBOUTIN by The Classy Time
Yes I used it on my lips as well, it’s a perfect matte, I could even kiss my man without any transfer!

This October, Christian Louboutin introduced a new collection of eye make up : Tape à l’Oeil. If you know me well, you know I have always been an enthusiast for all things Louboutin! My eyes being my favorite part to make up, I couldn’t not tell you about this new launch. Tape à L’Oeil Eye Colour consists of 12 shades in two statement-making finishes : matte nude and metallic. You already knew about the Brow Definers, the Eye-Liners & the Mascaras, now you can truly create a total eye look in Louboutin. As if it wasn’t enough, can you guess the best part? Well, just like anything Louboutin, it looks just as good in stores as on your face!

Matte Nude Eye Colour VS Metallic Eye Colour 

Inspired by his first-of-its-kind Nudes shoe collection, the Matte Nude Eye Colour comes in six shades of nude skin colours. This matte nude range goes from light pink to chocolate to grey hues balancing cool and warmer tones making it easy to wear it for a natural make up look. You can even use them as primer on the lid. Each shade magnify the natural luminosity of the skin by absorbing light, creating a powdery matte finish that Christian Louboutin equates to the stillness of the moon.

Its long-lasting, pigment rich formula provides medium to full coverage in just one swipe.


Inspired by his love for shimmering embellishments – such as metallic spikes from the 70s or his indulgent use of strass – Christian Louboutin created highly reflective eye colours. Each shadow beautifully plays with light for an intense sparkle finish. Christian likens the playfulness of this formula to the energy and movement of the sun.

The Metallic Eye Colour collection comes in a range of jewel tones from rose gold to iridescent blue.

Knowing that Christian Louboutin is an avid gem collector, he decided to name the shades after semi-precious stones. 


I first applied Lea (445) with my finger then played with a brush applying Carnelian (610).

“I’ve always been fascinated with how much the eyes say. Eyes reveal – they have a life; they carry one’s life; what has happened in your life. It is through the eyes that you see someone’s personality” says Christian Louboutin. 
The power of eye makeup is that it enlivens the gaze, giving a woman control over her expression.

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