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Recently I have been having some episodes of Insomnia, but I have found ways to avoid them. I realized how important it is to have at least 7 to 8 good hours of sleep to be more effective during my days.

What is keeping you up at night?

First step first, identify the causes of the problem. For me, what keeps me up at night is restless thinking about my social medias, projects I am working on, meeting deadlines (Will this or that work? How can I get people onboard? Did I reply to this person’s mail? I didn’t got a response yet, when should I send a reminder? Etc…) I often feel guilty at night thinking of how much I could have done if I cut social medias off.

Trouble falling asleep is pretty common, but know that a full night’s rest is crucial to your overall health. It helps with memory, stress, skin, weight loss, productivity and creativity. So don’t worry, it’s okay and as long as you know the causes, you can work on finding solutions!

Here are some of my tips, that have proven efficient and that help me get more done.


I have set up my alarms daily and now 2 hours before sleeping, I leave my phone on AirPlane Mode to the other side of the room. No one can contact me, and quite frankly at that time of the night, it’s probably for the best. I don’t check memes accounts on Instagram anymore which is fun but debilitating. Every morning it also forces me to get up to switch the alarm off.


I now have between 1 or 2 hours to myself before sleeping where I only read books. I have always loved reading but lost the passion when I decided to make life too overwhelming. Nevertheless, I am glad I found a way to make time everyday to read and improve my overall culture. It also helps me sleep better with this satisfying feeling of sleeping on a “win”. I don’t know if it makes sense… Every night I learn something new, whether it’s about personal development or new business skills, and it’s just soooo rewarding!


18°C is the ideal temperature to sleep better! Believe it or not, the cold helps your body relax. It also helps wake up more energetic once I’m out of my bed to switch that alarm clock off, I know I have to workout to warm up my body making it the perfect the solution to : 1. Sleep better & 2. Wake Up better as well!


It’s widely known that heavy meals before bed aren’t favoring a good night sleep. Indeed, your body has to work hard to digest the meal, making it difficult to relax and fall asleep. Keep it light, without feeling hungry before bedtime though. Lastly, even if it’s not recommended for everyone, if you’re still feeling very energetic (it happens sometimes) do some yoga or a low impact workout! It works wonders for me!


I was introduced to this by a good friend, (Hello Clélia!) and this just change my life! Melatonin is a hormone made naturally by your body, that tells your body when it’s time to head to bed. It’s also called the “sleep hormone”. Melatonin supplements are quite popular among people struggling with insomnia and jet lag. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which may provide a variety of other benefits such as support to eye health, treat stomach ulcers and heartburn and even raise growth hormone levels in men. Melatonin helps regulate your body temperature, blood pressure and hormone levels. I take it one hour before I intend to sleep.


I highly recommend adding a little extra help from some bespoke beauty products made especially to help you fall asleep in the best conditions! One of my all time favorites is a lavender pillow spray from This Works. It’s called the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and I LOVE it. A few spritzes of the soothing scent on your pillows will help you relax and fall asleep faster than usual. 

That’s it for today, see you next Saturday for a new article, this one is not sponsored at all so not disclaimer. Except maybe for the fact that it contains one affiliate link.

Sincerely, Diane


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