Meccaniche Veloci – The Most Italian of Swiss Watchmakers

Meccaniche Veloci - Cesare Cerrito

Beyond the Motorism of Time, Meccaniche Velocci is an invitation to celebrate the luxury to be your true self.

The recipe for a successful watchmaking cocktail?
A zest of bold Italian design, breaking the codes of mainstream,
A splash of passion for automotive, “shaken not stirred”,
Combine it to an exceptional attention for detail and excellence inspired by Swiss craftsmanship.
There you have it, the spicy cocktail all watch connoisseurs can agree on!

Not just an object of collection, Meccaniche Veloci’s watches are unusual timepieces infused with history, a soul passion for achieving dreams and standing for staying true to your values.

Suspend the course of your day to discover what Meccaniche Veloci is made of, through an exclusive interview with its CEO, Cesare Cerrito. It’s in a very relaxed atmosphere that I got to meet the CEO and COO of the company. Their headquarters also known as the MV House, is a tastefully designed men’s cave located in Plan-Les-Ouates. Being an unconditional interior design lover I was amazed by this space. Cigar lovers, the place lends itself to this sweet sin where both Cesare Cerrito and Riccardo Monfardino are delighted to welcome their clients to discuss common passions ranging from watchmaking to the automotive world, part of the brand’s DNA. I have to insist on this last point as I’ve found them both to be the most passionate, stimulating and humble leaders I’ve met so far.

Once upon a time…

Let’s go back a few years, when Meccaniche Veloci was created in 2006 by an Italian watch designer, Marco Colombo. His passion for the automobile world inspired him to create watches with iconic four-circle dials, as he borrowed this famous aesthetics to the four-phase engine pistons of Ferrari racing cars. Beauty was the first element of the story.

Fast forward 2015, the brand is reclaimed by an ambitious entrepreneur desirous to make this young brand a timeless reference. The goals were clear: to embody the origins of luxury. To elevate Meccaniche Veloci to the ranks of time masterpieces, the first challenge after moving the production from Milan to Geneva was to overhaul the business model by supplementing the cutting-edge expertise of the Swiss watchmaking tradition. After three years of development, he crossed innovation and progress off the list with an in-house MV8802 manufacture movement to replace the ETA calibers previously used. The 100% Swiss Made construction adds to the prestige and uniqueness of the movement of the 4 time zones in a completely independent way.

The attention to details lies in the subtle combinaison of the design reminding the red brake pads of sport car brakes.
Cesare Cerrito by Jo Simoes Photographe

And as time went by, I discovered the essence of the brand, which not only creates masterpieces with extraordinary designs, but also strives to tell a multi- dimensional story around the legends that led to its creation. As the CEO justly reminded, Meccaniche Veloci is still young and doesn’t have a century of heritage inherent to their brand, however, it is centuries that fueled the passion that drives the brand.

The following watch is based on a true story…

The best example of this ambition is illustrated by their Limited Edition Quattrovalvole – Nardi Edition. She’s the product of an alliance between different universes, the nostalgic excellence of a watch reminding you present time while taking you half a century back in time. This partnership intends to celebrate Mr. Enrico Nardi, a trailblazer made famous for his work on the Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 considered by some as the very first Ferrari of the eponym brand. You’ve probably already seen a Nardi steering wheel between the pages of a classic car magazine, or during a Concours d’Elegance since their prestige makes the ultimate finish of a race car interior. An heritage who triumphs over the evolution of the seasons and time…

Meccaniche Veloci took some of the aesthetic codes of the famous wooden wheel such as the guilloché pattern of the dial and the oval opening on the strapping of the watchband. The graceful complexity doesn’t stop there, as the same attention is given to the watch case. Acting as a true vehicle of emotion with a watchmaker’s passport certifying the Swiss origins of the components as well as a book retracing the story of Mr. Enrico Nardi.

Discover the watch: Quattrovalvole Nardi Edition

Meccaniche Veloci is a timemaster who preserves and perpetuates the respect for stories, legends, classics and instills a pristine taste for anti-conformism we need more than ever.

Adopting the codes of exceptional luxury and adapting them to a new era, they revive a know-how unique to Swiss craftsmanship, transmitting values with passion while bringing to life something rare that is not just a watch.

Why Not?

Meccaniche Veloci aspires to inspire the freedom to dare be different. I dare you to visit their website and discover “the most Italian of Swiss watchmakers”.

I hope you discovered and learned something new today, until next time.

Timelessly yours,


Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored. I initially wrote this piece for the Swiss printed magazine: Legends. Since I really liked the DNA of this brand I decided to share it with you, dear readers.