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Marina Berger, founder with her father of the vegan and organic brand Océopin is in the spotlight for The Classy Time! A 36-years-old Frenchy closed to Nature’s virtues and always on the lookout for new ideas. After literature studies in Hypokhâgne / Khâgne preparatory classes, she worked in publishing for 5 years before launching Océopin in 2012. She has accepted to unveil the wind Océopin is having in its sails:

TCT: What is the story behind Océopin? Could you develop the concept further? 

M.B.: Océopin is above all a story of passion for maritime pine. The wonderful meeting with a searcher from the Institut des Corps Gras de Bordeaux, alongside whom we highlighted the benefits of pine seed oil for the skin, has enabled us to create a brand that is based on strong scientific foundations and proven efficiency. From the outset, we also wanted our line of care to be as natural and clean as possible and to highlight the beauty of the Atlantic coast and its local vegetation.

TCT: Could you describe the brand creation process for us?

M.B.: Océopin was created 100% locally, in New Aquitaine, with collaborators and suppliers close to us and the pine forests in which we harvest our flagship asset. From the beginning, we are also committed to “highly organic” cosmetics because all of our products are certified organic and vegan with a very high percentage of plant ingredients.

TCT: Is Océopin a brand committed to the environment?

M.B.: Yes ! We are careful to respect the biodiversity and the ecosystem of the maritime pine forests where we harvest our oil. Our production process is virtuous with the recycling of extraction by-products and a strong commitment to zero waste: glass bottles, no superfluous secondary packaging, refills produced in partner shops …

A pine

TCT: The brand has many patents, does that really prevent competition? 

M.B.: Our know-how in the pine cone harvest is very specific and our patents effectively protect us. Our work cannot be improvised and we are in the process of labeling Océopin as a “living heritage company” to promote this ancestral know-how.

TCT: The virtues of maritime pine seed oil are numerous and The Classy Time is constantly looking for brands with innovative ideas. Could you tell us about the success of Océopin?

M.B.: This oil is very innovative because its plumping and soothing properties objectified are new for a 100% natural vegetable oil. Nature does things well because it has given this oil a fabulous serum touch that delights our users. The success of the brand owes a lot to the efficiency and sensoriality of maritime pine seed oil, which is part of all our care!

TCT: When did you feel the brand’s rise to success?

M.B.: When we won in 2018 the Organic Cosmébio Cosmetic Excellence Trophy for our radiant face cream, which today is one of our bestsellers.

TCT: An Océopin product to recommend us? 🙂

M.B.: To enter the universe of the brand, you absolutely must try our plumping face oil which is pure, unscented oil, with its unforgettable woody smell and its smoothness which immediately projects us into the great outdoors.

TCT: Do you face difficulties as a female entrepreneur?

M.B.: It is sometimes complicated to combine intense professional life and personal life, especially when you have a young child like me, but I adapt my working hours to free up precious family time that gives me resources.

TCT: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

M.B.: Follow your instinct, trust yourself and above all be patient, because by dint of persistence and seriousness you can achieve great things.

TCT: What do you think of the notion of “luck factor” in business (Myth or reality)? Is it essential to the success of a business?

M.B.: I believe in a part of luck, in particular in certain encounters which often arrive at a good time. But that’s not my creed either. In fact, success comes to me first through the quality of the products or services that we offer. Working with passion is inevitably reaping the rewards one day or another.

TCT: How do you think women can be accepted and respected as leaders?

M.B.: As with any leader, women leaders are respected when they are competent. In the world of cosmetics, there are a lot of women entrepreneurs and I find that they are rather very well accepted and respected by drawing a furrow and a way of leading often more delicate and human.

Marina Berger in a white shirt

Marina Berger

Thank you for reading – Angelina M.


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