LUXE Botanics, Mother Nature’s Skincare Ritual

Luxe Botanics Skincare

LUXE Botanics is the essence of doing good and seeing the good on and in you.

Have you ever imagined the possibility to have all the benefits of unique botanicals in your skincare products? Have you ever thought about a “World Care” concept? Jené Roestorf, founder of LUXE, proficient scientist and passionate innovator for the social conscious has made it all real.

LUXE Botanics is an ethical and sustainably sourced skincare brand making skin and ecology cares its watchword. Powered by green tech and social responsibility, this innovative brand has won many awards, thus making a name in the organically blooming beauty industry. This is the story about LUXE Botanics.


Founded by Jené Roestorf, a South African biological scientist, LUXE Botanics has been created with the purpose of transforming your daily beauty routine into a daily beauty ritual; it is a high performance skincare formulated with the planet’s most transformative botanicals.

LUXE Botanics’s creator understands not only our nowadays endeavor of always seeking a sharpened formula for our skins but also the environmental struggles that emerged over the past years. In this philosophical approach, blending her South African roots, Jené uncovers the untapped benefits of botanical oils and explores the outer reaches of green chemistry. The formulas are developed with sustainable and true-to-nature ingredients, not only nourishing and caring for your skin, but also supporting local communities and safeguarding the environment.

« Each Luxe Botanics elixir is formulated to precision with high concentrations of unique global botanicals » – Jené Roestorf

Botanicals: Source of Beauty

Each Botanicals has its own role in the devoted protection of your skin. Scientifically researched, Marula nut oil from Kenya, Camu Camu berry extract from Brazil, and Kigelia africana fruit extract from Malawi deliver antioxidant protection, prevent trans epidermal water loss and provide antibacterial benefit.

Marula nut oil is the protector for the dry, mature and sensitive skin types, a booster of tone’s appearance, firmness and elasticity, enabling your skin to stay hydrated, uplifted and perfectly radiant.

Achieving a naturally luminous glow, Camu Camu berry extract provide vitamine C to a sun- damaged, lacklustred and dull skin.

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cell-regenerating, Kigelia fruit extract is ideal for oily, irritated and sensitive skin. In combination, it restores and renews, calmes and purify – your skin can only be thankful.


LUXE Botanics products are various. From hydrating to brightening serums, cleanser and moisturizer, every product are dedicated to a skin type and condition. We advice you to take a skin analyze (lasting 10 minutes) before your purchase any products so that you exactly have an insight of your needs.

Why Luxe Botanics is truly a High-Premium Beauty Brand, The PLUS+ The Classy Time totally approves:

AI Analyze and Free Aesthetician Consultation provide a complete and detailed skin examination that focuses on your needs and chooses the best products regarding your type and defending your skin against the external damages. An absolute premium service on the site that is totally truth-worthy.

Give Back

LUXE Botanics is committed to sustainability also through support to people who harvest and process their global botanicals. Every time you purchase a product from LUXE Botanics, proceeds from your purchase go directly to support communities in Africa.

Recycling Packaging

Fully committed to providing sustainability and transparency, LUXE Botanics’s packaging are selected for their ability to be recycled! As an environmental engaged brand, it has chosen to elevate the activist in you by encouraging you to share a picture of your empty bottles, separated and cleaned in order to get 20% off on your next order!

A positive brand female founded we absolutely want to see take over the world!

Thank you for reading, Angelina M.