Les Miraculeux – Health Start Up

Les Miraculeux – Health Start Up

Les Miraculeux is THE young French FoodTech Start up specialized in dietary supplements that shakes up the codes of good eating habits.

Les Miraculeux is a company specializing in the manufacture of vitamins and food supplements in the form gummies. Successfully combining health benefits and taste pleasure, gummies are revolutionizing our daily lives and shaking up traditional food supplement cures.

THE FOUNDER of Les Miraculeux

David Gueunoun: At 34, he decided to leave his job in a multinational company to join the faculty of medicine in Paris. He studied the subject of vitamins and food supplements. He quickly realized that the current offering in supplements were making us look like patients instead of bringing us pleasure. Therefore concluded that many of us ended up starting a cure and never finishing it. Once he graduated in Dietetics and Nutrition, David decided to work on changing our relationship with food supplements. He set up a team and collaborated with a French laboratory to develop a complete range of fruit gummies. They are formulated with active plant ingredients, low in calories and most importantly have a really good taste.
This is how Les Miraculeux was born, determined to revolutionize our daily life and our experience of food supplements!

Fundraising Process

The brand’s Ulule crowdfunding campaign very quickly exceeded its objectives. They consequently collected more than 2000 pre-sales out of an initial target of 200! This demonstrated the public’s keen interest in new-generation nutritional cures. Two months later, Les Miraculeux confirmed their ascent on the French market with an initial capital raising of 800 000€. The innovative French brand of dietary supplements thus started 2020 in force thanks to the confidence of investors. Already popular with consumers who want to take care of their health they have also won over investors in record time.

3 cures, 3 tastes

Les Miraculeux Start Up French Cure Food Supplements

We tried the first three references formulated by the brand and we loved it!


Winter… Its icy climate and lack of sunshine are definitely the worst enemies of our energy. In order to stop our tenacious desire to hibernate and regain the tonicity of spring, we used the Energy gummies!
Thanks to their scientifically elaborated formula these gummies significantly reduce fatigue and bring vitality to our body in the long term.

  • VITAMIN C, essential to our health, it boosts our immune system.
  • GUARANA, having caffeine as its main active substance, it helps to fight fatigue and daily drowsiness.
  • GINSENG is used for its therapeutic tonic and stimulating virtues on our immune system.
  • ORGANIC GOJI BERRIES, they help to improve general well-being.


Les Miraculeux Beauty hides a marvellous power: that of beautifying our hair, nails and skin on a daily basis!
With a 100% plant-based, natural and ideally dosed formula, these new generation food supplements act from the inside out to improve our outward appearance.

  • VITAMIN B8 (Biotin), essential for the renewal of skin, nail and hair cells. Hair grows faster, healthier and falls are reduced.
  • VITAMIN B6, helps to strengthen hair fibre.
  • HYALURONIC ACID, improves the complexion of the face, makes the skin more radiant and more resistant.
  • ZINC, contributes to the good balance of the organism, improves good hair growth, hair resistance, limits breakage, slows down hair loss.

SLEEP (Editor’s favorite)

Always on the run, jet lag, staggered schedules, overexposure to screens before bedtime and excessive stress… Lack of sleep means weakening the immune system, putting oneself in danger on the road, damaging one’s memory, losing productivity and concentration…
When counting sheep is no longer enough and before resorting to sleeping pills, there is a natural solution to reduce the time to fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep without the risk of addiction.

  • MELATONIN, the natural sleep hormone.
  • MELISSA, recognized for its soothing virtues.
  • CALIFORNIA POPPY, to improve the quality of sleep
  • L-THEANINE, it promotes a feeling of well-being.

We invite you to support this start up and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! You can order directly from their website.



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