Mélissa Sébire, Founder of LA MODE DE MELISSA

Mélissa Sébire, Founder of LA MODE DE MELISSA

Today, we are featuring La Mode de Mélissa, a french designer who creates sustainable limited collections. Her founder, Mélissa Sébire, caught our attention because of her joyful way of cheering up her community on Instagram! We also admire her for the way she is promoting a sustainable approach, Made in France with love and her hands.

TCT: First of all, thank you for giving us some of your time!

M.S.: Thank you for sharing my work with your readers, I am honored.

Introduction to La Mode de Mélissa

  • Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Mélissa, I am 28 years old and of course, I am passionate about fashion, decoration, design and art of all kinds. I am someone who likes to laugh and motivate people around me to make them feel good.

  • How would you describe your business?

A dynamic company in which my personality emanates as much as in my networks’ expansion than in the very creation of my products.

  • Why did you create it?

I launched Lamodedemelissa because I was just starting to no longer find clothes of my size in stores and I was also a bit tired of seeing too much uniformity in the well-known brands. I could no longer differentiate myself by my style because of this uniformity, while for me fashion allows you to express your personality.

Also, my way of consumption has changed little by little, initially making sure not to consume excessively, to take better time to choose my clothes, to also pay attention to the material and the source of it. I wanted to share my ideas and make people aware that we really need to buy the ”Made in France” products as much as possible. To hide nothing from you, I started this process with the food… the clothes were the next logical step for me.

And the important point: The objective is to enhance the Woman. Because yes, one of my fights is to make a fashion for all women and therefore all sizes. I want my clients to feel at best in my creations. For this reason, I sew my skirts in a certain way, so that each woman feels comfortable, that they have the sensation of wearing a second skin.

All that to say that many reasons pushed me to launch my brand.

  • What is the story behind La Mode de Mélissa?

I have chosen to create a brand that best represented me, hence the name ‘La Mode de Mélissa’. Mélissa, being my first name. Creating my own fashion, being my brand’s goal.

  • What did you do before starting this business?

I was in charge of developing and managing a maintenance service and landscaping! Yes, I know, nothing to do :).

  • What makes your business truly unique?

Me (#humor) !!! This is what my clients tell me. I think what makes it unique is that it is imperfect and perfect at the same time. For example, I make sure not to solicit models because for me they do not represent the majority of women. I do not take ultra-professional photographs, I am not ultra maked-up, I show the positive and the little more difficult sides of it etc. So, I would say that La Mode de Mélissa is authentic.

  • Why should I buy from La Mode de Mélissa?

Well, I will say because it is handmade by me and that it is about time to update French know-how. As well, it is downward sewn in France and I really want to help people realizing that we have very good products and not necessarily overpriced.

Technicalities & Tips

  • How did you decide which market (target customer) to target?

I didn’t really choose a market, I told myself that the audience that was already following me on Instagram was in the 20/35 years-old-group and that ultimately it was the target that suited me the most and whom I could really exchange with.

  • What is most difficult in building a consumer brand from scratch?

Show clients that you are doing a good job and that it is not a fad. Show that there is a real message behind all these creations and that everything is serious.

  • Do you have any tips to share on how to maintain a healthy relationship with your community, your clients?

Be yourself!

  • What type of person do you think should be an entrepreneur?

For me, you absolutely have to have the capacity to question yourself, never give up and to know how to bounce back in a hard blow situation.

  • What do you need to be a good entrepreneur?

I would say you have to be authentic, persevering and natural.

  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to start his/her own business?

Do not give up at first hardship, those who can live properly today are those who have never given up. So yes, doubts you will have a lot and it is completely normal, so do not leave your project in the corner of your head. Anyway, if you don’t try you won’t know!

  • Do you consider yourself a successful woman? Or lucky?

I think that my determination allows me to move forward, I have worked a lot and work even more currently to bring my brand to life. I still think that there is a bit of luck, but at the same time no pain, no gain.

  • How do you think women can be accepted and respected as leaders?

Knowing your subject is undeniable! And show that we are just as smart and determined as the leaders.

We invite you to follow her on Instagram and visit her website here!


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