How to wear : A Suit with Class & Feminity


Misty Pink Suit by Comptoir Des Cotonniers

The suit has been showcased for several decades now but has only recently been “booming”.
Indeed, this symbolic piece of the male dressing has seized Catwalks and women now wear it more regularly.

This androgynous trend, far from being completely, expresses itself in various ways… From the classic Suit & Heels, to Suit & Sneakers everything is allowed! On the sole condition, naturally, to know how to properly wear it.

Comptoir des Cotonniers offers for the second year in row, another delicate and sophisticated tailor suit, distinctive by its powder pink tint. It’s the perfect suit for the arrival of Spring.

An impeccable finish, a waisted cut, a fabric made in Italy and a retail woolen collar. Faithful to her French values & aesthetics, the brand imposes once again a new collection subtly innovative and profoundly smart for a high season full of surprises!

The Classy Time How To Wear a Suit

Class & Feminity

The Classy Time How To Wear a Suit

With regards to the notion of “Class”, I don’t know if it’s really possible ” to “objectively” describe it, explain it or even teach it… As far as I am concerned, I think it’s simply a state of mind, a question of education and a lifestyle which we possess and develop throughout the years.

However, concerning the concept of femininity here are a few timeless tricks:

– Some black or white lace lingerie. Avoid the colored eccentricities because of the risk of falling in the vulgar…

– Heels matching your suit or outfit.

– You can never go wrong with Nude or Red Lipstick, so choose to your liking.

– A pearl necklace. The archetypal accessory to embellish any outfits!

The Classy Time How To Wear a Suit

I have always been a fierce supporter of the male/female looks … Thus I chose to put forward this Must Have through a very feminine look with a lace bodysuit. A smooth minimalist outfit. The famous pearl necklace, the two-colored matching heels, bold make up with black lips and my favorite bag Sabatier!

Never ever forget to limit the association of colors!

Nude, Black, Gold no more.

This article was made in collaboration with the webzine Lyonnais JAMAIS LE MARDI & Shot by the very talented Tatiana.

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