How to support small businesses during this global crisis

How to support businesses during this global crisis?

You have probably read it already but we will insist and repeat it again: WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER. This is why we must show a united front, share our strengths with those losing theirs, inspire hope and inspire each other to BE and DO better.

We’ve compiled a few of the companies that deserve some support at this time and a few ways to help them. The list is obviously not exhaustive but we hope to inspire other people with platforms and influence to use them with purpose and intention. Give back. Now more than ever.


Firstly, I would like to invite you to try and imagine what it’s like to be an independent, freelancer, business owner… Whether you’re in this alone or if your family/employees depends on you. The uncertainty these times bring to your future, the fear, the hopes crashing even sometimes… I understand it perfectly. I can only give you my secret to keep going: “As long as you breathe, there is hope.” My Mother used to tell me this a lot, and that’s a thought I wake up to every morning. Practice gratitude, measure your chance to be healthy and alive, make the best out of it. BE CREATIVE, you’re facing an obstacle, just find ways around it!


There are many ways to show support to small businesses. I would invite you to contact the owners, ask them how they’re doing. Be genuine when you offer help, don’t force it. Come up with ideas, we can’t all afford to spend money or donate even if we wish we could. Follow their social media, visit their website, share it with your contacts. Share their businesses in your stories, do some shoutouts, visit their websites. We’ve also seen freelancers offer free consultations or sessions for example, that’s honorable and very helpful. Whether it’s yoga, cooking classes, workouts, webmarketing, finances or else just help in anyway you can. The beauty of it is that because we’re all in this together, we’re all equal.


Let’s not forget about bigger companies, they are struggling too. Some are being bought back at a lesser value, some are forced into closing… Real people with real families are being fired, or left without the insurance of a salary for the next few months. We all rely on big companies to hold the global economy the way it was. However, this hit proves the “way it was” deserve some adjustments and changes. “Investors fear the spread of the coronavirus will destroy economic growth and that government action may not be enough to stop the decline.” When we mention big companies, think big: Luxury, Airlines, Automotive, Tourism industries…

How to support businesses during this global crisis? by @theclassytime

Non exhaustive list of businesses

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The following months, will definitely be crucial and show how humanity react in the face of adversity. Trade selfishness for altruism and smart.

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