How to Stay Productive Working from Home


Even if working from home sounds like a dream, I can tell you it’s not always. Before you decide to start working from home take note of a few elements to make sure you stay productive! I am lucky to have been self-employed for years and work from the comfort of home. I recently took on bigger challenges and projects, I had to change my routine and wanted to share what has been working for me.


Most important step, make sure you have a comfortable space to work in. I don’t recommend working in your bedroom. Indeed, at some point it will feel like you’re never stepping out of work. Trust me, I know. Imagine when you head to your bed and you’ve spent the whole day in the same space… On the long term, it will decrease your productivity. Instead, try to create a desk somewhere you can work efficiently. I have a small office at home where I do my best work. I respect some strict hours to get in, work, have breaks and when I finished my “daily to-do list”, I can consider myself out of office!


It is crucial to have a really good morning routine to always be up to the task! You need to be energized and awake to get the work done throughout the day. Personally, I have what my Dad calls a military routine. I wake up at 6am, have a maxi glass of water, stretch, take some supplements/vitamins and have a 20/30 minutes of low impact workout. Then I take a quick fresh shower. I personally can’t have breakfast at 7am but I do later, so I mainly have a cup of coffee while reading the news. When I feel the need to, I also try to meditate, I still haven’t mastered this art but it helps me get focus before getting in my office.


It’s a luxury to be able to work in my pyjamas some days especially during Winter. However, I tend to always get dressed because some delivery men often come to get me some packages. Furthermore, getting dressed and ready for the day allows me to be more productive. Consider working from home is like working from a co-working space minus the people around.


If you’re working on different projects, or not, define a clear schedule. I use a weekly planner to organise my weeks and found that blocking time for specific tasks encourages me to get everything done without feeling overwhelmed. To avoid procrastination, try the 2/40 technic. Simply put, work 2 hours on your biggest task, then 40 minutes on another project. My little sister inspired me this tip and it works wonder!


If being stuck at home all day makes you feel dizzy, feel free to take your work elsewhere. I like to take my computer and go to the nearest coffee place. I make new friends and talking about what I do also help get new perspective! Finally, take time for your friends and family, go out socialize!

Hope you liked this post, let me know if you are also an entrepreneur and if you have tips that works for you, feel free to share!

Sincerely, Diane


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