HONDA e UK debut at the GoodWood Festival Of Speed Edition 2019

This year I was lucky enough to be invited by Honda to the notorious Goodwood Festival of Speed in England to see more of the cute Honda e. I thought I would update you on the latest news about the car!

Honda e Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2019 The Classy Time
Honda e Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2019 The Classy Time

Dave Hodgetts, managing director at Honda UK commented: ‘’Honda has been a sponsor of the Goodwood Festival of Speed for over 20 years and we have continually brought something new for visitors to see over the years. This year is no different as we now turn our attention to electrification and the arrival of the new Honda e next year. Our stand is called Club EV – a destination for future thinking motoring enthusiasts that showcase the joy of going electric and focuses on our electrification journey, welcoming all visitors to the electric vehicle club!’’

I particularly enjoyed the design stand that really stood out from the others. Inspired by the face of the new Honda e, you could recognize the two large circular windows representing the headlights. This floor, also called the Club EV lounge, only housed the new Honda e Prototype, the one showcased during the Geneva International Motor Show (if you haven’t read my article yet take a look here).


Honda e Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2019 The Classy Time

Honda has confirmed that the Side Camera Mirror System seen on the prototype version of the new Honda e urban electric vehicle will be standard when the car enters production… Did they read my previous blogpost?! I am an absolute fan, and that’s why I will develop this a little more:

The technology, a first in the compact segment, brings significant benefits for styling, safety, aerodynamics and refinement.

The Side Camera Mirror System replaces conventional side view mirrors with compact cameras providing live images to two six-inch screens inside the vehicle. These screens are integrated at both ends of the dashboard, ergonomically positioned to ensure a natural feel and vision for the driver.

The next-generation camera technology helps the car retain a modern, clean and simple design. It complements the stepless A-pillars and flush ‘pop out’ door handles also confirmed for the production version of the Honda e. Unlike conventional side mirrors, the cameras are contained within the width of the car and do not extend beyond the wheel arches. A guaranteed benefit for insurers, who will see their expenses related to broken side mirrors (I know something about that…) decrease significantly.

Girls, the time of making sure your make up is right in the side mirror is OVER. Sorry not sorry!

As a result, not only is visibility improved, but also the compact cameras reduce aerodynamic drag by around 90% compared to conventional side mirrors. Furthermore, there is a significant reduction of wind noise that is normally generated by side mirrors at higher speeds!

The camera unit housings are also deliberately shaped to prevent water drops on the lens, with a water-repellent coating on the lens surfaces to deter any other residual water build up. Thank you nano-technology!

The optimal positioning of the Side Camera Mirror System cameras delivers a host of safety advantages. The driver can choose between ‘normal view’ and ‘wide view’ via the vehicle settings. Therefore, this extends the field of vision further than with conventional side mirrors and reduces blind spots by around 10% in normal view and approximately 50% in wide view.

Brightness levels on the interior displays are automatically adjusted based on the prevailing light conditions. Extensive testing and development have been undertaken to ensure the Side Camera Mirror System delivers superior visibility in poor weather, low-light and night-time conditions with no dazzle or glare. This provides drivers with greater clarity and awareness of surrounding objects than conventional side view mirrors in all conditions.

Honda e Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2019 The Classy Time

More news about the Honda e

The new Honda e has been engineered to deliver an exceptional driving experience in urban environments. With an outstanding blend of highly responsive dynamics, efficiency and performance, Honda’s next-generation electric vehicle will bring unrivaled fun-to-drive characteristics and usability to the compact electric car segment.

The 35.5kWh battery in the Honda e is one of the smallest/lightest in its class. Its fast-charging capability of 80% in 30 minutes, and a range of over 200km, makes it perfect for every day urban commuting.

The car’s dynamic characteristics can be further enhanced by ‘Sport Mode’, which boosts performance through faster acceleration response. She is designed to meet the needs of the modern lifestyle. It achieves a unique combination of standout design, advanced functionality and sporty driving dynamics, to create the perfect vehicle for the urban environment.

The Honda e will also offer Single Pedal Control, enabling the driver to accelerate and slow the car using only the accelerator pedal. When the accelerator pedal is pressed the car will accelerate as normal; when it is released, automatic regenerative braking will occur, and will slow the car. According to Honda, the Single Pedal Control improves driving efficiency in urban environments and reduces the need to use multiple pedals, making the drive more engaging, exciting and seamless with maximum control for the driver. I personally wonder to what extent it will feel intuitive to brake by simply releasing the pedal… I will know when I will try the car, as soon as it is released in Switzerland!

Honda e Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2019 The Classy Time

You can now pre-order your Honda e via these links:

Photo Credit to Patrick Corminboeuf Moteur Passion.

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