Honda e First Drive Review

Honda e Drive Test The Classy Time

It’s official! The cute Honda e is not a prototype anymore, it’s really a dream come true, and we want one! As we took her for a spin in Geneva, we decided to highlight certain features. The Power Of Dreams celebrated by Honda, is quite inspiring and doesn’t disappoint. The journey of following this cute urban EV dates back to a year and a half now! We first covered the launch of the Prototype during the Geneva Motor Show … Then followed her debut at the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed. Being able to finally drive it, showed us it lives up to the expectations and beyond!

The few things that haven’t changed since we last reviewed it. Cameras as wing mirror and the rear view mirror, the latter can be switch to “real mirror” ladies! Rapid charging capability in 30 minutes (100kw), several acres of screen, auto high-beam headlights, auto braking… The retro colour and looks declined in white, black, grey, blue and yellow still impress and make a lasting impression!

Simplicity in the City: Honda e

This car is cute, quiet, clean, compact but quite POWERFUL! Perfectly adapted to urban environment, the whole drive experience was surprisingly impressive and fun! From the cute music the car makes under 30km/h to the zestful acceleration, we love all of it! The Honda e really represents the friendly face of the future of EV motoring!

Let’s note its rear-wheel-drive powertrain. They provide an exceptional dynamic performance, which enables a turning radius of just 4.3m! Consequently, ensuring the Honda e is exceptionally manoeuvrable in small city streets.

We loved the aesthetics already but now we adore the mechanic even more! Honda e isn’t a long-range road-tripper but if you live and work in a city, it’s the greatest option on the electric car market.

Honda e Drive Test The Classy Time

Cutting edge technology and AI

“How cool would it be if my car could recognize the people inside and interact with them to enhance the driving experience?”

Honda e sets new technology benchmarks in the compact EV segment. The Honda Personal Assistant (HPA) integrated artificial intelligence agent develops a greater understanding of an individual’s voice over time. I was predicting such feature 2019, Honda did it! The Honda e incorporates a range of connected apps and AI­ enabled services for both drivers and passengers. To activate the HPA remember two words: “OK Honda” and follow with your question or instruction! “Context recognition allows users to converse naturally, with the AI understanding the context of follow­up question and responses. It also enables real time search function, with context, to locate services that are available at specific times.”

Therefore, elevating the car’s value beyond simply a means of transportation.

The vehicle is equipped with its own WiFi hotspot that users can access when the car is parked or charging. Occupants can watch video content, play Nintendo and access the internet on their own mobile devices. This car really is your new home away from home!

Honda e Drive Test The Classy Time

Favorite feature: Honda Parking Pilot

Providing additional support to drivers this element assists in locating an appropriate space and manoeuvring the car efficiently into it. It does this through the use of four cameras and 12 sonar sensors. A multi­view camera detects the white line of a parking spot, while the sensors recognise the actual parking space. We, obviously, were very curious about this feature, and we were blown away by how effective and smooth it was!

Honda Parking Pilot can park in parallel spaces, bays or diagonally if the space is marked with a white line. Even if there is no white line, parking is possible if enough space is determined for the vehicle to fit. In Europe, where parallel parking is often preferred, the Honda e also has a function to help maneuvering back out of the space.

Honda e Drive Test The Classy Time

Honda Energy Management

The automotive industry is changing faster than at any time in its history, with a convergence of trends shaping the face of the sector beyond all recognition. Environmental issues, such as climate change, are driving demand for cleaner mobility and accelerating the electrification of automobiles. The compact, fully­ electric Honda e is driven by Honda’s desire to improve the environment, particularly in busy urban areas. On Instagram, some of you expressed their concerns regarding the after life of the batteries worried they would pollute more. We asked Honda’s experts, here are a few key answers:

  • Regarding the longevity of the batteries, they are guaranteed for 8 years (160 000km). This doesn’t mean the battery will stop working once it reaches this milestone!
  • Honda partnered up with SNAM a company specialized in collecting and recycling batteries since 1981. You can expect 97% of a disassembled battery to be fully recycled!
  • They also explained they were offering to transform the battery into stationary storage or boxes using solar panels.

We covered what needed to be emphasized here, but you can find more informations on Honda’s Website. My first article was already quite detailed and with a lot of good guesses!


Honda e Drive Test The Classy Time



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