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FaceKult Love Your Face, Kult It! It is the first French facialist brand. FaceKult develops a unique method associated with exclusive vegan products for muscularising and sculpting the face. In a few minutes, at home or at the studio, FaceKult offers a tailor-made facial training to regain tone and radiance. We interviewed the co-founders, Gaële Euvrie & Philippe Yvars, to know more about the concept.


TCT : How would you describe your business ?

PY&GE : Our brand FaceKult is dedicated to face maintenance. As you can shape your body with exercise and healthy food, we propose to shape your face with specific training and nutrients. This means regular customised face treatments at our studio with our facialist coaches, or at-home personnalized auto-massages associated with clean and natural skincare products, specifically developped for easy and efficient face training.

TCT : Why did you start FaceKult?

PY&GE : We believe that the current aesthetic offer is disconnected from an increasing demand for a natural and non-invasive way to keep a glowing and young face. Data speaks for itself, only 10% of French women (we do not even have the percentage for men!) regularly visit a beauty salon within the year. Because this is often too time-consuming and too expensive with no proven results. Besides, people are getting more and more skeptical of medical techniques like laser, botox or fillers. We want to offer a new solution to age beautifully and naturally.

TCT : What is the story behind your business ?

PY&GE : There is a love story! Philippe is a great entrepreneur and when we met, we very quickly thought about building a fantastic professional adventure together; mixing our skills and experiences. Him for the business management part and me for the marketing and development part of it. Let’s say FaceKult is kind of the common kid we do not have.

TCT : Where do you produce your products ?

PY&GE : All our products are made in France, South of France to be precise! We partnered with a natural & organic formulation specialist, my dear friend Christine Charollais. As former R&D Director of natural skincare at Sanoflore and then L’Oréal, she has a cutting-edge knowledge of clean beauty.  We have optimised all FaceKult formulations to the highest level : sensorial textures but 100% clean, active ingredients with scientifically-proven efficiency but perfect skin innocuity… our fragrance was even developed by a natural perfumer to get FaceKult a unique olfactive signature.

TCT : Where do you find the inspiration ?

PY&GE : Philippe and I recently entered a new decade and we have been testing different ways of naturally taking care of our skin. Like a good number of people, we do believe aging is anyway programmed by mother Nature; so let’s find a way to age beautifully.

We traveled in the US, the UK, Asia, and we think that if the French cosmetic know-how is unique, we still have somethings to learn. Firstly, the major role of massage as a health and beauty booster for the body as a whole. Secondly, the importance of skin maintenance, regular skin and muscle mobilisation as we do regular exercise for our body.

The facial bar model combined to regular deep face massages and natural clean products appeared as the best solution to us. This is what we are trying to propose now with FaceKult .

TCT : What did you do before starting this business ?

PY&GE : We have very different profiles but we both have been acting for improving people’s wellbeing! Philippe introduced a new way in France of rebuilding houses and buildings after disasters like fire, severe weather, flood… by repairing and cleaning instead of trashing away. It contributed to settle a successful business today and as a genuine entrepreneur he is always eager to invest in new ideas.

As for me, I have the chance to have experienced various aspects of the beauty sector.  I decided to quit my marketing position in an international German group to work as Marketing manager in a small structure in the middle of lavender and melissa plants in the heart of Drôme at Sanoflore. I knew this was the good way to develop skincare products. It was the beauty revolution in the early 2000s : thanks to media, people were now more aware that a face cream or a deodorant could cause cancer. 

Then L’Oréal purchased the company and I ran away for a another middle-sized company specialised in scar and burn treatments through natural mechanical massage. During 10 years, I had the opportunity to deal with high-level scientific reasearchers, doctors, surgeons but also physiotherapists. This definitely convinced me that skin natural mobilisation was the golden key for health and beauty.

Finally, Philippe and I were at the point where all stars were aligned: this was time to launch our brand.

TCT : What makes your business unique ?

PY&GE : FaceKult is the 1st French facialist brand proposing online personnalized face training. Our new Studio in Paris is the 1st facial bar in France.

TCT : Why should I buy your products ?

PY&GE : Our products are clean and natural, but this is today more than a prerequisite! Most importantly, our products are always combined to personnalized auto-massage training program. After filling a quick questionnaire assessing your face shape, skin needs and your priorities, our facialist coaches send you specific auto-massage videos to turn your daily skincare routine into an efficient face training. Our formulas are developed for an optimal face massage: our transformative textures both facilitate auto-massages and combine optimal penetration. Last but not least, our products are gender neutral, as we believe men also deserve to learn how to take care of their skin!


TCT : What is the most difficult thing about builing a consumer brand from scratch ?

PY&GE : Building notoriety and legitimacy we believe… The beauty market is so saturated, it takes time and investments until we reach a point where we can just say ‘hello, we are here’! and ‘trust me’!

TCT : What do you need to be a good entrepreneur ?

PY&GE : Philippe has the best experience to answer this question as he started his own business 30 years ago now ! A good entrepreneur should be driven by 3 main values : respect for oneself and others, justice, and rigor/fortitude. For me, as I discovered this new status recently, I found the most difficult part is to deal with a double rhythm : the very time-consuming daily operational tasks on one side and the helicopter-view for a more strategy oriented thoughts and keeping the next-step perspective in mind.

TCT : Do you consider luck important? Do you consider yourself as lucky?

PY&GE : We both believe in acting to make luck come to you. This means hard work, taking risks, listening and reacting if you are not on the good path… But of course, there is a part of luck. Without our good star we may never have met, Philippe and I. The thing is to detect it and grab your chance when it’s here!

TCT : Would you consider yourself a successful woman ?

GE : The future will tell it…. For me success is not only about business. It’s about finding a good balance among all the different roles a leader woman have to manage, also especially as mummy, lover and human being.

Thank you Diane!

I tried the bespoke energizing serum and… well, I LOVE IT! The Glow is back thanks to them, couldn’t be more grateful! We wish all the success in the world to FaceKult! #WomenInBusiness #MomBoss

Visit their website:

Visit their Studio in Paris: 43 rue d’Aboukir

I want to thank Gaële and Philippe again for their insightful answers, as an entrepreneur I always found it difficult to find mentors. So I hope this new weekly series will inspire you to start acting your dreams and that you will learn from it! - Diane GLAOUA

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