Family is the most luxurious privilege

The importance of family

When I turned 26, I had already lost my Mother and still didn’t learn the lesson life bestowed upon me. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t giving enough time to my family. Real quality time.

2019 IS OVER

In 2019, I tried really hard to please everyone else’s demands and needs before pleasing myself FIRST. Instead of taking time for me, or to be more present for my family, I spent a year trying to fix someone else’s family…

For the past year and half, I was engaged in a very demanding almost toxic relationship. I won’t digress here, because it’s private. No need to feel sorry for me, I take full responsibility for my poor choices. I have accepted and learned to look at it without any regrets.

What did I learn? I took care of people who weren’t appreciative of my efforts and most importantly diverted me from “being” with my family. So, firstly, don’t waste your precious time on people who don’t value you (or respect you). Secondly, be aware of your priorities in life and family is one of them!

I can’t have any regrets, because I did everything with a good heart, total benevolence and love. My dear Mother insisted we always saw only the positive in every situations. I wouldn’t have come this far if it wasn’t for the way my journey sculpted my thoughts and personality.

What’s done is done, you can only learn from it and better yourself. If I were to blame myself and/or everyone else, I wouldn’t be able to move forward nor to learn.


With hindsights and in the light of experience, I just acted like my parents were gonna live forever. Who hasn’t? Unfortunately, I learned the hard way to acknowledge the fact that they’re not eternal in some ways. 

Recently, I had a talk with a young friend who got into an argument with her mom over her boyfriend… I couldn’t stress her enough about the importance of family and forgiveness. I surprised myself thinking how I wish someone told me this younger but I probably wouldn’t have understood. Indeed, I am fairly confident you can only understand the power of this when you are facing the issue first-hand.

Kanye West said “People never get the flowers while they can still smell them.” I gifted my Mom roses while she was still alive, but seeing this as a metaphor I sometimes wonder if it was enough. What matters is that I always will be at peace with it.


Even though as an entrepreneur, I have no other choice than to dedicate most of my time to building and growing my company, I make it a priority to find time to spend with my Father. To truly appreciate the chance and privilege I have to spend each precious moment around him.

I have always been mature, but haven’t always been very wise. It’s something I am intensely working on. So far, I discovered that self-awareness and humbleness are probably some of the paths to getting closer to wisdom. Ambitious but not impossible. Cheers to a wiser and more balanced 2020!

Cherish your family while she’s still there. Life is unpredictable and you never know what comes next. Choose your priorities, make yourself priority number ONE always, keep taking risks and be okay with the consequences no matter what happens.

A healthy life is a BALANCED life.

Sincerely, Diane


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