Beauty Alerte 4 Amazing Crushes


Redaction Team – June Crushes

The Classy Time Team had the privilege to test many products during May and June months, a period of wellness and self-care! The Team has decided to make a brainstorming and write all the crushes. Ready to test them with us?

Re-FRESH your Skin

“The rose truly embodies beauty. It combines a delicate appearance, a sublime fragrance and many beauty benefits.”

Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, the founders of fresh, deliver us a precious and intense hydrating face cream, combined of hyaluronic acids and delayed-release hydro-patches for a skin soft as a petal!

+ of the Team: A sensual package and fragrance, a non-sticky texture and a nourishing formula our skin needs for this summer!

HO KARAN, we say ” Thank you “

Rich in detoxifying plant complex with cannabis terpenes, The Cannabooster Detox helps activate the skin’s detoxification system. Protecting your skin against the harmful effects of pollution, the astringent-zync complex also inhibits the enzyme responsible for the excessive production of sebum. As a result, you keep a fresh and beautiful skin, tightens pores and detoxified. What we all need right now, Don’t we?

+ of the Team: a rich complex and a skin-booster as well, very useful while insomnia points the tip of its nose or after a long day where you have been encompassed in pollution and negative energy. To be used once a week!

Only at

AROMA-ZONE or our Savior

While Beauty around the world is pivoting, Aromazone has already made a round! Bio products and after all, you know what you put inside your cream since you choose your own products. This is brilliant! T

he Team has decided to test a Beauty Hair Mask (and for more recipes, you can find the Bible on this site) composed of 1 tbls nettle and marshmallow powders + 2 tbls of water. Mix the preparation, put by massaging your scalp hair. Leave an hour and rince it.

+ of the Team: an incredibly divine hair, much stronger as a result. The nettle strengthens you hair, fights against sebum and the marshmallow powder brings the volume. A natural recipe whole of good attentions!

Maritime Pin Oil + Cream by OCEOPIN

We now know the virtue of the maritime pine as incredibly well told by its founder, Marina Berger. Maritime pine seeds deeply oxygenate cells, smooth wrinkles, plump the epidermis and fight the aging. The oil and the cream are used together for an optimum result

+ of the Team: after 21-using-days, there is a clear result : the skin is re-plumped, wrinkles and imperfections are tapered off and the sense of the products is divine!

It has become a real ritual, night and day. The plumping face oil as the anti-aging cream are an indispensable daily beauty routine, with a completely biological-based formula. The Future of beauty is in the South of France, surely…

Thank you!

Angelina M.


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