The Classy Time is an award-winning digital media providing ultimate inspiration for the discerning women looking to elevate their everyday with smart, grace and class. We cover the following topics:

  • BEAUTY featuring the world’s best luxury skincare and make up brands, while also offering affordable options from our trusted partners (such as Sephora).
  • BUSINESS promoting the most innovative startups and provide unique motivational/inspirational content to women ‘wantrepreneurs’ through interviews with women entrepreneurs.
  • LUXURY a rather vast but specific section dedicated to displaying art where we cover numerous exhibitions, the world of spirits, the fashion industry and last but not least the world of jewellery and watches.
  • MOTORS displaying the latest innovations in EV cars and supercars, as well as looking back nostalgically at the classic models that have shaped and marked the automotive industry. We are also anchoring ourselves in the fascinating world of yachting.
  • ESCAPE highlighting the world’s best luxury hotels, resorts, destinations, travel experiences and products.


Diane GLAOUA, editor-in-chief of The Classy Time. She is an entrepreneur who uses the reach of her influence to speak up for causes she believes in and those in need. She is a relentless advocate of human rights, children rights to education and women empowerment which is what motivated her choice to surround herself with a team of women. As she often says of herself: “She is continually evolving & constantly learning…”

3 words that best describe Diane? Resilient. Empathetic. Visionary.

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, new challenges and with it new opportunities. Very proud to present the dearest most inspiring classy collaborator, Angelina.

Currently based in Paris, Angelina has just graduated from a Master Degree of Chinese Studies, History and Sociology at Inalco. After studying International Relations and Law, she devoted herself to Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industries where she specialized in communications and press relations. Originated from Serbia, she is a culture curious and attaches importance to broad-mindedness and reasoning. With a strong linguistical and cultural background, she gives a special mention to phrasing, as well as details that make the difference. You can always see her with a smile on her face and a hat on her head!

3 words that best describe Angelina? Altruism. Enthusiasm. Open-mindedness.

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